Wanna Help Find Sir Grey?

It warms our hearts every time we encounter another soul that feels our pain and wants to help us recover Sir Grey. If you would like to help, and you want to print and handout a few flyers, we would be so very grateful.

These flyers do a great job of getting important information first. So anyone who gets a flyer can quickly understand the situation, identify Sir Grey and contact us as quickly as possible. It also links to this website, so that anyone can get instant, useful information about how to help, using any size Internet device.




The flyers we had designed for Sir Grey are full color, but even a B+W copy is a “HUGE” help. They are designed to print TWO (2) per page and you cut them in half. They work great on telephone poles, most bulletin boards, and can be handed out easily.

If you choose to help by printing and sharing flyers, please let us know so that we can both thank you properly and keep track of what areas have been noticed to some degree.

~ Mahalo nui loa, The Rodgers Family