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Some-Grey-Flying-LThe latest location reports for Sir Grey.

  • Red Tailed Hawk 964213  180

    10-16 | Wichester Bay

    Look For The Red Tail Hawk! It’s really Sir Grey looking for His family. That’s why He’s flying so close, looking at all the RVs to find His home. So far that seems to be the trigger to jog people’s memory. I was in Reedsport …

  • LostFound 300x300

    10-14 | Florence

    We were missing Sir Grey and waiting for a sighting or something. Our travels brought us back to Florence, Oregon, after spending a week in Elkton to no avail. After a few days here Duckbird (Sir Grey’s sister) started whistling and carrying on as if …

  • Parrot Feature

    09-23 | Elkton

    We arrived in Elkton blowing our air horn so Sir Grey would hear our arrival. After eating lunch parked in town on Hwy 38 we turned the corner at Hwy 138 and stopped at the Umpqua Historical sign. Spending 15-20 minutes there then moving down …

  • Some Grey Flying L

    09-05 | Kellogg Bridge

    Red Tail Hawk Sighting Veteran’s Weekend: Approximately 9-3-16 there was a reported sighting of a Red-tail Hawk. This was reported by a visitor from Texas so to me it was a Sir Grey sighting. Hawk… lol I learned how silly it was when I heard a …

  • SG Aviary Featurex

    08-22 | Missing

    It was a recuperative day because we had just driven our coach out to Elkton the day before. Not to mention the incidents that came with the drive, just a bit too stressful for our likes. The day seemed like most others crossing chores off …