• Spin Master

    Spin Master

    Have a Little Spin with Your Stick . Sir Grey always enjoys a great spin. Notice that we do not need to cut this video, because there are few dull moments with Sir Grey. In this video , he is promoting another JingleSPOT company… BazookaBOX …

  • Circus Wrap Feature 300x298

    Birdie Circus Wrap

    Birdie Circus Wrap . DuckBird and Sir Grey entertain with their usual spins, paper bag antics, and a bath is always play time. Sir Grey is the first Birdie shown spinning. Throughout the video, he is the one that gets crazy dizzy. Where DuckBird is …

  • Parrot Feature

    Sexy Sprouts

    Sunny Birdies Our Parrots taught us how easy Sunflowers grow, how fast and we soon discovered that SUnflower Micro-Greens are an extremely versitle food, replacing lettuce, and excellent in stir fry. Nutty and flavorful, Sunflower greens are good for you two.